About us

Plexita is about swift and accelerated browsing. We preset the web to you, with an innovating new tab solution for Quick searching. Plexita is here to gear up your browsing. Open a new tab that gives you search and social. Plexita is about swiftness, and interactive solutions every time you start a new journey. Plexita offers Search box for browsing that aligns up with you, quick linked socials for natural web movement and seamless design for a fresh look.

At ZQW Media we focus on delivering creative marketing solutions that drive bigger and better results, than on other major search engines. We ensure that the right ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time, thus achieving a higher click through rate, higher conversions and maximum ROI. We are able to deliver the highest available search engine traffic outside of any of the major search engines for all online advertising solutions. Whether it's banner advertising, search engine marketing, display, video or mobile advertising. Our solutions are used by companies of all sizes across many different industries. Whether it's to create brand awareness or generate leads for a product or service, we will create custom solutions to help yield higher incremental conversions and ROI. We ensure that optimum ads are delivered to our global publisher network. Our geo-targeting feature identifies and delivers advertising based on where the user is located, this is achieved through our very intelligent proprietary traffic management technology.


Z Q W Media FZC
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